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Radicalist. The quintessential dreamer meets the ideal realist. This is who we really are!
Human capital is at the heart of every organization’s success. All, working hard towards their goals - Job seekers towards fulfilment and Organizations towards greater heights.
While everyone acknowledges the importance of human capital, We - founding members of Radicalist Labs, experienced significant gaps in connecting job seekers with organizations. And are determined to fill inthese gaps to ease up the recruitment process.
In recruitment space, things happen and fast. With the new range of recruitment methods and tools emerging continuously, we want to ensure the fundamentals of fairness, transparency and collaboration are also addressed without any handicap.
We at Radicalist, hence provide services to both job seekers & organisations. For Job seekers, assistance of a typical head hunter without any charge, as we believe it should be. For organisations, assistance in finding right talent without unconscious bias or lack of resources thereof to handle high volumes of job applications. Thus increasing organisations footprint and improving the potential of human capital with brighter opportunities.
Radicalist Labs
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Pavan Alluri
Chief Engineer
Vinay Sakariya
Julien Dinh
Sudheera Yerasi
Business Development
Tharun Kunta
Business Development
Karthik Dasari
Media & Marketing
Saurav Panda
Software Development Engineer
Nithin Veer Reddy
Software Development Engineer
Aditya Varma
HR + Product
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